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Feel great with Stamina manual treatments

We’ll be happy to help you to feel great while enjoying your everyday activities completely free of back pain and discomfort. We work with experts in a manual therapy field who are always focused on all the trends and advances in our field. This is why we provide exceptional manual treatments based on the most recent practices.

In our individual, professional approach, we will create an efficient plan to reduce and eliminate pain and discomfort and share with you great useful tips to keep enjoying the freedom of movement. Every day.

With mission to ensure reaching your full athletic potential, we use state of the art technologies in order to provide you with the detailed computer bio-mechanical analysis.


How do we help you?

Trough our individual manual treatments, we professionally and efficiently deal with:  Kroz individulane manualne tretmane stručno i učinkovito uklanjamo tegobe kao što su:
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pain in the limbs
  • various problems in the muscular system
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What are manual treatments?

Manual (physio) treatment is a special form of specialized physiotherapy treatments.Unlike conventional physiotherapy treatments, in manual treatments we do not use the devices and machines but just the arms. Professional therapists use their hands to press the muscle tissue and manipulative joints in an attempt to reduce and alleviate the pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and joints dysfunction.

What is the purpose?

Manual treatments can be very effective in treating the joints with a lack of mobility and movement restriction. These limitations can cause discomfort, pain, and changes in functionality, posture and movement. In order to return the natural ease of movement, manual physio-treatments include restoration of mobility of stiff joints and decrease in muscle tension.  Treatments are extremely effective both for relief of chronic pain and acute pain caused by a variety of soft tissue injuries such as sprained ligaments.

How the treatments are applied?

Different manual therapy techniques are applied in order to influence a variety of ailments. The treatments are commonly divided into two basic groups:

  • Soft tissue treatment , comprising  of a massage in which the  pressure on the soft tissue is applied. The result is muscle relaxation, improved circulation and muscle pain relief.
  • The mobilization / manipulation at which troughs variable speed calculated movements the bones and joints are returned in  their natural position. This causes the relaxation of tissues around joints, reduction of pain in the joints and surrounding tissue, and the return of the flexibility of the joints.

What is biomechanics?

Biomechanics is a scientific discipline that applies the laws of physics and mechanics to describe the performance of the human body in  different sports and other activities through modeling, simulation and measurement .


When biomechanic analysis is used?

Biomechanical analysis is used when it is necessary to describe , explain and predict the mechanical aspects of human exercise , sports or games . Using biomechanics we get a better understanding of the muscle and joints and bones action, and contribute to the improvement of movement and sports performance , faster rehabilitation and injuries prevention.

About us

Our mission is to provide to all of our customers a completely new experience for physical therapy trough innovative and modern approach. We are fully committed to your long-term well-being so we constantly exchange information with all the world’s leading experts in manual therapy field. That is why we are able to provide services in line with the latest developments in helping you with , pain and stiffness relief in a completely natural way.
Entrust us the care of your problematic back, neck, spine and other unpleasant problems that are obstacles to enjoy the ease of movement. With confidence.

Feel great with Stamina individual manual treatments


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